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Become yourself a Blastomancer in this puzzle game featuring a fun, playful story and a unique art style to match.



Bear and Breakfast is a laid-back management adventure game where you build and run a bed and breakfast...but you’re a bear.

Bear and Breakfast

Gummy Cat

Last Days of Lazarus is a first person adventure game with a strong narrative and rich visuals drawing its inspiration from the post soviet era with a Gothic vibe and sci-fi elements.

Last Days of Lazarus is a free zombie survival game which can be played in your browser. It features a multiplayer zone where people build their bases and defend them against waves of zombies.


Northern Lights is a first-person survival experience in which you step into the shoes of a ranger, sent on a Siberian island to investigate the disappearance of the crew in charge with a secret facility, whose contact with homeland was lost due to abnormal weather conditions.

Northern Lights

The Underground King is a RACING ROGUE-LITE set on a mysterious island where racing is the bread-and-butter of life. Lead your carefully handcrafted teams in chaotic racing events for glory and fortune. Drive, Defeat, Loot, Repeat!

The Underground King

Demons, giants, mutants, and a talking Ball with hybrid limbs?! In WarriOrb you play as a mighty demon trapped in an unlikely body. The path ahead is not an easy one. Will you do whatever it takes to regain your freedom?


Light The Night is an arcade game where you have to bounce and light up the whole world.

Light The Night

iColdo Games

Puzzles and adventures await.

The Dead Blue Adventure

iColdo Games