About game

“Disco Dave looks like an appealing time-waster for any high-score fanatics who want to try something new” - Rob Funnel,

“This is a solid little time-waster.” - Carter Dotson,

Swipe, jump and show off your dancing skills in fab combos towards the highest score. And what’s a dance show without a cheering audience and groovy neon lights? Score high points with combos and unlock new characters with far out style and animations! Will you survive?

  • Unlock the whole disco gang of characters [34 characters]
  •  Super cute voxel graphics
  •  Perform combo streaks and make the crowd go wild
  •  Get a short & intense dance-out! [crazy dance moves & combos]
  •  Relive the 70's on the dance floor [addictive gameplay, 70's groovy disco music]

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