About game

  • Gritty urban vibes, with dark humour, hard decisions and supernatural clashes
  • High replayability strategy gameplay with multiple factions and maps
  • RPG decision-making and new stories emerging every playthrough
  • Multiplayer and upcoming expansive content

  • Balance the wants, needs and dark tendencies of your agents. Gain the loyalty of even more powerful agents, even whisking them away from other factions. They are your keys to holding the city.

  • Control Districts of the city, improving or exploiting them, as other rival factions also vie for control through their Agents. Manage mundane and mystical resources alike that will be needed for your ascension to dominance. Set the policies that best serve your goals, if you’re ready to make some sacrifices.

  • Play factions that each feature different playstyles, powers, policies and tendencies, from Vampire to Werewolf faction, from Mages to Hunters and many more. Engage in diplomacy with the other factions, trying to pick your battles, your allies and your enemies.

  • In Domains of Dusk you are the leader of a powerful faction engaged with the supernatural world. Good roleplaying is also good strategy, as playing in the style natural to your faction’s identity will always produce the best results.

  • Build a custom Leader Character that will give each playthrough its own flavor, and see how they evolve with the unfolding events.

  • The Agents that you get everything done through are also fully fledged characters, with their own traits, wants, specialisations and tendencies. How you treat them and what missions you use them on will determine their loyalty to you and how they grow.

  • Each run is its unique story and challenge. With procedurally generated Agents, District traits and allocations, AI Faction Leaders and a large matrix of dynamic events with far-reaching consequences, the abundance of maps will keep you going and going for many playthroughs.

  • Multiplayer, turn-based play and all of the roleplaying hooks in the game are a potent mix that can allow you to have suple evening gaming sessions with your friends, seeing the story of a city through together (or adversarially) without the need of a Game Master. Elevate each story with your friends or with Domains of Dusk online playgroups.

  • An abundance of expansion content available in the future, featuring new types of supernaturals, new mechanics, new cities, new events, and new mechanics are incoming, allowing for even more freshness in your repeated playthroughs.

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