Domion – Trinity Requiem (TBA)

Developer: StardustArtPlay

Publisher: StardustArtPlay

Launch date: TBA

About game

Domion - Trinity Requiem - is a 16-bit retro-style 2D Action-Adventure, with a side-scroller perspective like Castlevania, Shinobi, etc, with RPG elements from games like; Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, and many more other great titles, merging the old gameplay style with the new mechanics.

The game will focus on exploration and combat, and you will get vast realms to explore: "Enchanted Woods" a sacred and beautiful place, "Agartha Ruins" with its huge waterfalls and a floating fortress of "The Fire Pantheon," all those fantasy places enveloped in a fascinating story. I want to create something beautiful very atmospheric both visually and audio, combined with a challenging fighting system but fair in the end. You will annihilate everyone who will stand in your way to become strong enough to face the ultimate evil.

The game is in the early stage of development, many can be changed during this.


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