Early Access

Heterodox (2021)

Developer: Cosmin Nastasoiu

Publisher: Phalanx Softworks

Launch date: 14/05/2021

About game

Heterodox brings you to a dark fantasy world where FPS combat must be mastered.
The game inspired by classic FPS games in 90' starting with Heretic/Hexen, Doom, Strife, Blood, Quake with modern touches inspired from Half-Life, Dark Messiah, Deus Ex 1, Dishonored, Clive Barker's Undying.

You are a young warrior, near yet far away from home. Into the other lands below the Sky-Gate, the enemy lurks, in various shapes and forms.
The most capable of them scheme to possess these lands and bring a strategic threat to the safety of your cities and kin.
That strategic threat is like losing the other end of a bridge to your city to the enemy.

To prevent that from happening you will impersonate in first person this warrior, and armed with melee weapons or ranged weapons you will reduce their numbers.
Key features:

- simulative melee combat that features realistic dismemberment of enemies
- dismembered enemies that are not dead, will adapt and fight you in whatever way they can
- dark fantasy world with unique levels
- choose among 19 weapons (from simple melee weapons such as swords and axes to magical crossbows and magic machine-guns)

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