Idle Space Race (2017)

Developer: Profane Studios

Publisher: Hippo Tap

Launch date: 22/04/2017

About game

It's time to colonize Mars through Idle Space Race! As a Space Commander, you're challenged to make Mars a better place so people from Earth can live there. Make money from your capsule houses as you build public facilities to make Mars habitable. Use the best strategy to make money as much as you can!


Enjoy your own Mars adventure and don't forget to expand your colony by unlocking all the areas on the Mars map! Launch your rocket to explore the galaxy and discover space elements in an exhilarating adventure. The space elements can later be transformed into raw energy sources to boost your buildings' income!


Mars colonization is easy! You can hire managers to collect the buildings' income automatically. The fun doubles as you can still earn money when you're idle! Just tap, tap, and tap to explore, build, upgrade and make money in Mars.


Idle Space Race Features:

  • Build public facilities to make money on Mars. Earn more, build more!
  • Collect money easily and automatically, the managers will do it for you!
  • Run the expedition to discover various elements to boost your buildings' income!
  • Earn money when you're idle, don't worry be happy!
  • Unlock all areas on the map to expand your colony and earn more money!


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