Joy the Pug (2021)

Developer: Charon Games

Publisher: Charon Games

Launch date: 19/02/2021

About game

  • 2D Platformer? Check.
  • Metroidvania-like? Check.
  • Cute pugs? Check.
  • Adorable killer kittens? Check.
  • Lots of puns? Maybe.

Does Joy the Pug have all the above? BINGO.
But it’s more than just a game. It’s passion. A single dude with a small budget and help from a few creative friends trying to conquer this world. You can be among the first people to join them in this promising journey!

For now, you’ll meet Joy—the most adorable pug in the world—that accidentally bit a kitten’s finger off. And not just any kitten: the king of Space Cats from the Paw Galaxy himself. Now, all of these cats are angry—and only YOU can help Joy defend Earth from the CATastrophe.

Embark on this colorful and joyful adventure starring one brave puppy and his helpful flying droid partner as they fight the fuzzy invaders. Avoid enemies, jump over traps, shoot the incoming swarms of kittens—and save the Universe.

P.S.: Be careful; this game is not easy.

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