About game is a free to play multiplayer browser game about surviving in a zombie infested world.
Play the role of a scout, soldier or medic and build up your defenses. Group up with friends or other random people and see how long you can survive.

One of the core features of the game is Noise which builds up from performing actions such as building, shooting, gathering resources, etc. When enough noise has been made some zombies will notice your presence and come looking for you.

There are a few classes you can choose from and each have their own specific bonuses and drawbacks.

  • Scouts have a faster running speed and a smaller body (smaller collision box) but average health pool
  • Soldiers have a larger health pool and passive health regeneration but they are slower and bigger
  • Medics can heal other people (not themselves) and have the lowest health around

The controls are the WASD keys or arrow keys and the mouse for aiming.

Left mouse button - shoots the currently equipped weapon or places the building your character is holding.
Right mouse button - closes the building mode and equips your weapon again unless it is clicked over a Crafting Table, in which case the specific crafting menu will open.
B or E - opens the building menu.
Spacebar - uses the Health Pack, unless your character is full health.
Keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 equips your character with the weapon you have acquired present on the button.

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