Roam The World (2017)

Developer: Gravity Pixels

Publisher: Gravity Pixels

Launch date: 18/08/2017

About game

Race in different exciting scenarios tilting your phone to help your car get through the obstacles in the terrain and maintain ballance.

Collect coins to upgrade your car or buy more powerful cars, awesome skins and lovely maps in this unique racing adventure game.

- Tilt your phone in order to control how the vehicle will act in the air and while landing.
- Touch the right button to go faster and the left one to go back or slow down.
- Unlock everything inside the game using coins you find along the way.
- Find fuel cans in order to fill your tank.
- Receive free coins by watching ads. (You only see ads if you want to, there are no annoying ads in this game!)

- Upgradeable Vehicles including a TANK! (how Mike found a tank on an island is a mystery even for us.)
- 5 Different Maps each with it’s own unique characteristics
- 3D graphics with awesome physics simulation
- Works on all screen sizes and resolutions. It can also be a tablet game
- Maps are procedurally generated.
- Tons of hills to climb.

- The further you go, the bigger the amount of coins you receive.
- Each map has it’s own characteristics, try using different vehicles to achieve bigger scores.
- In some countries, hills are considered mountains if they are over 300 meters high

Roam the world is a free mobile hill racing game in which you play as Mike, a young man that quit his job and decided to roam the world and climb hills. For a reason nobody knows, Mike is fascinated with hill climb games so he decided to climb hills. He visits places like a Forest full of trees, a murky Swamp, a Hot Volcano Trail, a sunny Beach and the Snowy peaks of a mountain.

The goal of the game is to get as further as possible, unlock vehicles, maps and increase your highscore along the way.

Help Mike go as far as he can by using acceleration and tilting to control the vehicle’s movement in this exciting racing game. We do warn you, you may not defeat physics every time. Good thing Mike has infinite lives.

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