Snake Life (2018)

Developer: flappydevs

Publisher: flappydevs

Launch date: 06/09/2018

About game

Snake Life is a remake of the classic retro snake game that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. A casual game, free to play, that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere thanks to the amazing and easy controls.


The Game:

Snake Life game is inspired from the very well known and loved classic snake game but it is more. We have tried to enrich the original game, put it in a natural setting, and make it more challenging and fun. The game is easy to learn but is challenging to master as player will progress through all the levels. The best thing is: game is free, very light and small. It is less than 5Mb, so you can download and have fun anytime anywhere.



You can easily control the snake by tapping to the left or right of the snake, or by swiping to indicate the desired direction. (chose which type of control in the settings screen) As the snake grows big the game speed gradually increases from slow to fast to very fast, which makes it very difficult to collect food and avoid hitting obstacles.



The game has amazing retro and simple graphics but pleasing to eyes and enjoyable while you are playing it. The game also has great retro style background music, which can be easily toggled on or off as per needs in settings.

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