Solitaire Chronicles: Wild Guns (2017)

Developer: Big Blue Studios

Publisher: Big Blue Studios

Launch date: 23/05/2019

About game

My name is Molly Ferguson. But this… this was a long time ago. My parents were from England. They wanted something different for their children, so they came to Louisiana, in the New World, right before i was born. My father started working in the bank while my mom took care of me at the farm. During the day i helped my mum… and in the evening my dad taught me how to shot…


He told me that a girl needs to know how to defend herself in these days. Unfortunately i got more that they wanted for me. My father, he was shot in a robbery. I was sixteen years old at the time. We buried dad’s body on a hill, near the farm. My mother perished soon after, leaving me with a large house, a broken heart and a gun. So i run west… trying to forget..

Game Features:

  • Rebuild a deserted town, with match 3 and solitaire as your only weapons.
  • Score big to earn gold, and fill your shopping cart with handy help.
  • Create a safe haven for Shannon, Red Wolf, and the other outlaws.
  • Collect stars and see your city grow with each new citizen.

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