TankYou! (2016)

Developer: Virgil Tuser

Publisher: Scorpius Games

Launch date: 16/09/2016

About game

TankYou! delivers the most destructive twin-stick arena shooting action that a couch-coop game should even consider. Challenge or work together with up to 4 friends in an entirely physics-based destructible world, a dynamic power-up system and stupid-simple controls, sprinkled with easy-to-learn but hard-to-master gameplay. With strong emphasis on playing with friends, TankYou! supports up to 4 players on any game mode, co-op or versus.


Parachuting tanks via air mail services has never felt so rewarding! Simplicity dictates gameplay as your goal is always to score points. Score by infiltrating behind enemy lines, destroy boss-type enemies, gather coins, destroy enemy tanks and much more! Violence is not always the answer, just highly encouraged.


Play in a world where power-ups literary, continuously fall from the sky and are yours to get without any decency on limit. Pick them ALL up and stack them, upgrade, combine, upgrade again and stack some more. It all happens instantly and it all crumbles as soon as you blow up!


Never miss out the chance to blow up a tank or two-enty, it's just fun. But don't stop at tanks: drive through anything, mow the lawn, blow up buildings, crush corn fields, wreck the local fauna, whatever bothers your fancy. Just don't forget your ultimate goal: drink motor oil from the carcass of your defeated enemies.


  • Glorious destructibility
  • Up to 4 player couch-coop on any game mode
  • 30 levels across various Environments
  • Many game modes to unlock!
  • Stack-able and upgrade-able power-ups
  • Super simple controls
  • Unfair Boss battles
  • Full controller and Keyboard support
  • Everything gets delivered via rapid air mail
  • Awesome Future Additions!

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