About game

The Underground King is a RACING ROGUE-LITE set on a mysterious island where racing is the bread-and-butter of life. Lead your carefully handcrafted teams in chaotic racing events for glory and fortune. DriveDefeatLootRepeat!


  • 12 Bosses, each unlocking a unique vehicle & driver class, city area, and mission type.
  • Text adventures: 100+ events where you and a chosen driver explore the city and its mysteries. Sometimes you will find LOOT, but most of the time, TROUBLE!
  • World Laws: Over 50 effects that change the game’s mechanics in various ways. One permanent per the entire playthrough and another that changes each in-game week.
  • Vehicles: What’s a racing game without cars, right? You start with a basic class and unlock more of them as you defeat different bosses.
  • Drivers: The cars don’t drive themselves. You need at least 1 driver in a vehicle to do a race or a city event. Equip them with "swag" to boost their stats and personalize how they look!
  • Items: They come in two forms: for drivers and for cars. Each driver has 5 equipment slots while the cars have 4. Equipping an item will boost stats and reflect the change visually.

RPG, with cars!

A party of adventurers set to explore dungeons. Sounds familiar?

  • The Underground King is a classic adventure RPG disguised as a racing game.
  • Your drivers are the adventurers and the vehicle they drive represents their equipment.
  • We are diversifying what racing levels are to simulate different "dungeons". Examples:
    • Countryside: Race in difficult terrain to cross the finish line first.
    • Freefall: All participants fall from a plane. Whoever hits the ground first, wins!
    • Manhunt: Somebody is hunting the contestants. Be the last survivor to claim the prize.
    • Tug-o-war: One chain, two opposing cars. Pull your weight or get dragged down.
  • Racing levels (dungeons) will have thematic to classic adventure tropes, such as tomb raiding, fighting armies of orcs, slay the dragon, etc.


Death is permanent and it might happen a lot, but who cares?! You will have fun either way!

  • On the off-chance you lose a game (by reaching 0 Coins or 0 Fame), you will choose 1 driver, 1 vehicle and 1 World Law for your next playthrough. If you WIN you get to pick 2!
  • We use procedural generation to keep things fun and fresh:
    • Drivers: Each driver comes with a unique name, backstory, body type, stats, and a random skill.
    • Vehicles: Like with drivers, each car comes with a unique identity, random paint job, and random stats.
    • Racing levels: Each day, the city generates new racing levels. Story progression, weather, map events, world laws and a certain degree of randomness will shape and mold the racing track and enemies.

Physics Gameplay:

Everything reacts to everything!

  • Vehicles are physical objects that move throughout the level. They can collide with each other, activate traps, break obstacles into pieces, etc.
  • Domino effects often occur, adding to the chaotic fun that is physics-based gameplay! That goes double for EXPLOSIONS!
  • Some skills generate projectiles that have physical effects, or modify the race track in some way (like an oil slick).
  • Example: Someone in the crowd throws garbage at your car, but the aim is bad. So instead, they hit a trap nearby that triggers a spike wall, which blows up a barrel and destroys your car. The burning wreck is hurled through the air, passing the finish line. Hey, look! You won!

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