About studio

The company was founded in 2013 by Tarba Paul Cornel. The overall aim of the company is to create sophisticated, narrative driven horror games with unique worlds, designed for the players to enjoy.

The Road So Far

After working for a few years as a company for hire, Galactic Crows got enough experience in developing games by themselves. One of the first game were "Devil's Tasks" and after that came "The Nightmares Within" and "Psychopath Hunt" (Now called Butcher's Madness), that was released for Android on Google Play.

One of the turning points in Galactic Crows's history was the development of Psychopath Hunt, which débuted alongside the Google Play Store. The game received really honest reviews from the critics and the community, which was a clear sign that amends had to be made. Loving the initial idea behind "Psychopath Hunt" the studio decided to make a very mysterious game leaving only the core of horror idea intact. New graphics, game mechanics, story and modes of play have been introduced.

In early 2020 the company released "Siren Head" a short horror game about the a fictional character. They were the first to release a game about this topic on the mobile market, and this was their hit, which reached 1.800.000 million downloads worldwide. A few months later they have released a new game called "Siren Head: Reborn", which is more of an action game than horror, you have to hunt Siren Head and catch him, this also reached about 700.000 downloads worldwide.

Galactic Crows now continues to work on new psychological horror games


You woke up in a strange place with a headache? What is it, a hospital? It’s huge and built like a maze. You're trying to escape, but the creepy pigman monster is after you! The chase begins. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Fear the Dread

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