About studio

We are an indie game development studio, passionate about history and making games that will take you on journeys inside mythical worlds, challenge you and tell you stories you might be familiar with, but from a new perspective, through unique aesthetics and design. We are based in Transylvania but our team is composed of people from 3 continents: America, Europe and Asia.


For us it all started when we met online on a Warcraft 3 Modding Forum that we founded called Chaos Realm. We quickly realized we are addicted to bringing to life characters or creating custom maps with our own imagination.


Years later, after working different jobs, we have regrouped to use our skills and experience together to create standalone games. We aim to create memorable experiences for the players and in the end develop the kind of games that we love playing. Our first project is Vikings Vengeance, an ARPG with some new mechanics, great norse legends and fresh look which we hope to lay the foundation for our next games.


Viking Vengeance is an RPG inspired by norse mythology with many twists and new mechanics in a lowpoly cartoonish environment.

Viking Vengeance