About studio

Tiny Trinket Games is a small indie studio, founded in Bucharest, Romania by a dedicated group of developers with a rich background in all aspects of game development and a fancy for old school gameplay. "Here at Tiny Trinket Games we strive to make games that are first and foremost fun to play but also challenging and rewarding for the player that is skilled enough to complete them. We make primarily PC games but always keep an eye on platforms we like and new technologies."

We started by making small indie games in 2010, under the name of Goob Games Studio, having had moderate success with hidden object games and a few mobile titles.

Following our experience with Azuran Tales:TRIALS, an atmospheric platformer launched for both PC and Nintendo Switch we decided to return to our favorite genres and the development of more elaborate, story driven games. After exploring a few option we decided on expanding the small, modular concept centered around team and base management that was then Azuran Tales: Outpost. The concept quickly showed its potential and became what is today a full blown RPG with party and base management elements, destined for PC and consoles: Zoria: Age of Shattering.


Zoria: Age of Shattering is a story-driven, party-based RPG with strong tactical elements, base and follower management that takes place in the expansive Fantasy world of Zoria, a world filled with magic, ancient history, tumultuous politics, and countless mysteries.

Zoria: Age of Shattering

Challenge your wits and help Dora get her animals back to her farm!

Puzzle Herder